Makoto Naegi

Super Excessive School-Level Good Luck (Bad Fortune? ) (Super High School-Level Hope) " Well, in the event that I'm required to give one redeeming trait, I assume I'd declare I'm a tad bit more optimistic than most people. "

Voiced simply by: Megumi Ogata (Japanese), Bryce Papenbrook (English)

An absolutely unremarkable Ordinary High School Scholar who was simply selected to go to Hope's Peak Academy through a random lottery, giving him the title of " Very High School-Level Good Luck". Naegi cites his most notable features to be his less-than-stellar luck, fantastic optimism. This individual takes order during the inspections after turning out to be the prime think in the initial murder due to Maizono's aventure. He ultimately ends up motivating the surviving learners to bring together against Monokuma, securing their very own freedom through the school and gaining the title of " Super Excessive School-Level Hope".

Amateur Sleuth: Because the main character in a mystery game, this individual tends to be the one pulling the scholars through the trials, with some help from Kirigiri whenever he gets caught up. Born Lucky: The reason having been accepted into Hope's Optimum; he was randomly chosen from all the ordinary students in Japan. That is why he is considered to have " Super High School-Level Great Luck"... Delivered Unlucky:... although he him self believes this individual has super-bad luck. Capture Phrase: " You've got that wrong! " whenever this individual points out a contradiction during trials. Crystal clear My Term: After Maizono's body is seen in his shower. Declaration Of Protection: He is been pining after Maizono for a long time, and swears to remain by her side throughout Monokuma's game. His statement of safeguard turns out to be dropped; Maizono didn't need his protection in addition to fact tried to frame him for killing. Defiant to the End: He stalwartly resistant to Enoshima's last attempt to browbeat him into falling in to despair. She actually is annoyed to no end by this, and even admits that your woman absolutely cannot stand him for his bravery because it is " boring". Affected Dude: Irrespective of being the key character this individual often needs to be rescued by the others. In the primary story, Kirigiri saves him twice one particular by Junko when your woman attempts to kill him and framework her intended for the criminal offense and the second time is after his failed delivery and Kirigiri gets him out of the garbage dump. In IF after Naegi usually takes the strike for Mukuro that was meant to get rid of her, this wounderful woman has to save him from declining from loss of blood. He even gets into an undesirable situation in Dangan Ronpa Zero the place that the SHSL Body guard holds him hostage by one level. Due to the Useless: He argues to Kirigiri that Mukuro Ikusaba's human body should be dealt with with respect and not ignored in the open, mainly because, despite almost everything she may possibly have done, the lady was still a victim eventually and should always be treated consequently. The Dulcinea Effect: She has been pining after Maizono for a long time, and swears to remain by her side during Monokuma's video game. Cruelly deconstructed when it's says this is exactly why the lady was placing him about take the discover her. All types of people

Failed a Spot Examine: Naegi is oftentimes a worrisomely long time regarding coming to fairly straightforward a conclusion or seeing something clear about a piece of evidence. Inside the worst cases either Kirigiri or Togami will explain a detail to him, but he will still are not able to figure out this is of it right up until he prompted to ponder over it again during a trial. It is mostly completed for somewhat transparent storyline reasons. Fashion Dissonance: Throughout a free time portion with Ishimaru, he insists that Naegi's trendy hoodie is improper for Hope's Peak School because is actually chaotic and would put discipline out of order. He'll change his brain if you tell him it's a protection helmet, although. Friend for all Living Things: Having been in an animal-rearing club if he was younger, and was able to calm down a sizable crane that ended up inside the school pool area. While hanging out with Owada, the options for his favourite animal consist of bears. Heroes Love...


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