The likelihood for Singapore to be Impartial on Food

National University of Singapore

Hou Liwen

Fan Yueyi

Zhang Xingxing


Food supply of your country is crucial, because it concerns the sustenance of the citizens and it is the basis of the progress the country. Singapore, as a nation of 639km2 land location with around 5 million residents and limited amount of organic resources, nearly relies on brought in food via Malaysia, China and tiawan, Thailand and also other countries. For example , in 2010, 169 211 loads of chicken, 103 368 tonnes of pork 489 638 tonnes of fruit and vegetables are brought in, and the amounts of food imported happen to be increasing yearly (AVA, 2012). The increased reliance about imported foodstuff may include potential threat to Singapore. In 2011, Singapore had to stop the transfer of fruit and vegetables and seafoods from The japanese in case of likely radiation due to the massive earthquake. Other perturbation like effects, flood and pollution can also affect the food. Therefore , the research is dedicated to feasible ways to reduce Singapore's reliance about imported foodstuff and the opportunity for Singapore to be impartial on food in 10 to 20 years.


Research was conducted on the net about the imported foodstuff statistics and regulations in food importing of Singapore to see the dependence of Singapore on foodstuff importing from other countries. Meanwhile, analysis was completed on advanced farming technology that is effective and requires fewer lands, which is suitable for Singapore. In order to research the citizens' opinion about imported food and the possibility to be self-employed on food supply, a set of questions was allocated to people in food the courtroom and superstore and 94 of them were compiled. The questionnaire was designed to explore Singaporeans' concern within the source of meals and their support on locally- produced foodstuff. Moreover, the questionnaire was set to discover Singaporeans' standards in deciding on food and the critical requirements for Singapore to be 3rd party on food supply. However , the sample dimensions are relatively little comparing to the whole inhabitants of Singapore, so the validity of the survey might be affected.

Literature Assessment

Food Import in Singapore

In respect to Agri-food and Vet Authority of Singapore (AVA)'s statistic, in the past 10 years, Singapore's annually expenses on meals like chicken breast, pork, meat and hen eggs have surprisingly increased by almost 100% whilst expenses on other foodstuff categories just like duck, mutton, fish, fruits and veggies have moderately increased too. On the other hand, because the every capita consumptions of the meals nearly keep the same, about 25% extra imported food is to be re-exported to neighboring countries (AVA, 2012). The key food import sources of Singapore in 2009 are claimed to become U. S i9000. A., Malaysia and Chinese suppliers while Customer thought to end up being the largest food source in the future despite Malaysia is the local partner nation (Chang, A., 2010). A lot more important other countries become for Singapore's food supply, a lot more Singapore has to pay. Taking into consideration the facts previously mentioned, now Singapore is highly dependent on imported food and has to pay much for it, being a food self-employed country seems to be improbable pertaining to Singapore.

Facts about Locally-Produced Food in Singapore

Currently, locally-produced food supplies 23 percent of ovum, 4 percent of fish and 15 percent of leafy fresh vegetables of the country's total demand (Chay, 2011). Locally-produced foodstuff can enhance food protection (Han, 2010). In metropolitan area, just like Kranji, you will discover local farms that are able to generate eggs and dairy merchandise. While...

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