The impact of the great avalanche to the thai entrepreneur

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Nowadays, Asia has just recently been seriourly the truly great flood after which lots of people confront a problem with this situation. Thus, this situation have many problem turn into to overall economy. Many thailander entrepenuer is among the most one has impact and result more than different. However , The federal government have many approach to helping people who has been face the truly amazing flood. Althought, the goverment protect in several ways in industry area that may make the financial crisis to be better but anyway the federal government cant care for it. So , it isthe worst problem that make it losing capital. В 101

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Thailand is the most among the many country on the globe who have been impact about the flood and possess many effects to theThai Enterpenuer. It can sperate entrepenuer by 4 classify just like agriculture, business, service and production. В


To start with, the great overflow in thailand that impact to trade В and production about small entrepenuer or trader becuase they want to get product coming from big entrepenuer but it is definitely impossible to happend because of thai entrepenuer can not importance or creating product with their company. Therefore , The fact regarding thai entrepenuer cannot transfer product since the problem dut to the fact that travel 105В

that is certainly terrible and uncomfortable and after that it produce impect to halt many importance company in thailand. В Secondly, Various Thai Entrepenuer losing a lot of income since В can certainly not export or perhaps sell product to buyer that they are cancel order and then entrepenuer can not produce all order. Therefore, this is 1 important impact to item out of order then it produce to scarcity situation. Additionally, the impact regarding the avalanche in thailand have an influence on culture because the almost all of agricultural economic system located on central region of thailand. So , the overflow that effects to thailander entrepenuer who have working regarding agriculture including they deal with with В losing crops or perhaps agriculture merchandise, farmer whom...


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