" Re-energizing a Century-Old Brand"


IB Business & Mgmt P6

Thursday, 6th November 2014

Marmite Foodstuff Company is actually a British firm, which now forms element of Unilever, conceived in 1902 when it opened up its initially small manufacturing plant in Burton-on-Trent, where it can still be identified today. After a couple of years, where recipe was perfected, it finally started gaining popularity about England. It is now a dark-colored, sticky meals paste, with a strong and intensely salty flavor. Even though it is mostly consumed in the uk, it is also present in many other countries around the world. There may be even a customized version in New Zealand, produced by the Sanitarium Health Food Organization.

In the film, The top Squeeze, we see how Unilever decides to make use of different extendable strategies to prolong the life span of Marmite by putting it back in the spotlight to be able to regain their popularity. A final goal is usually to double product sales.

Marmite was starting to loose popularity and fall to the sidelines. This sparked new activity within the company and led to the creation of various extension tactics that would desire to keep their very own loyal costumers happy, but also change it to obtain new customers. One of the problems that they detected is that most customers will be unhappy with the classic jar, since half the marmite got stuck in it. To do this, that they decide to transform its overall look, format and packaging, often taking into account it being economical, and created a new container, which makes it less difficult, practical and efficient to keep marmite in. Another technique they use is making a wider range of products. They come up with new products just like Marmite cheddar cheese or perhaps marmite cookies. And finally, to back up these adjustments they begin a new marketing strategy, which will help Marmite get back in the market strongly.

They give great importance to the new look the packaging would definitely have. Each uses different options for ideas, just like surveys and letters to consumers requesting feedback and ideas in possible new container and packages. The final product they come up with is a plastic container that may squeeze marmite out. They run into some initial complications, such as blending marmite taking too much work due to its heavy texture as well as the need of the new development plant. This kind of led to the modernization with the entire process in the stock. The idea was to renovate the complete process of the production of marmite, making it quicker, cheaper and cleaner, by utilizing new technology. They wished to at least double creation, since their very own goal should be to double revenue and supply need to meet the demand. This could require a ВЈ2 million expense and postpone factory creation for thirty six hours whilst installing the modern machinery. The obligation fell completely on the engineer, putting him under plenty of pressure as a result of possible lack of production. Inside the fitting of the machinery there was clearly a setback, when they understood the machinery didn't suit, pushing almost everything behind plan. But in the finish, it got solved, even though it had designed a huge decrease of time. That were there another problem, when the fresh pipe work fails the test in the inspector, which led to even more loss of time, almost ВЈ150 thousand. After the factory was set, every efforts exactly where directed for the new type of the pot. They now necessary a new emblem for it, and decided to go with all the classic marmite logo, as it still must be recognized as marmite. Once it was ready, they went on with market research within the efficiency of the container. They decided the simplest way to qualify this as easy to use, was by testing if a baby can squeeze that. They also carry on more scientific questionnaires around the consumers. As soon as the product was finalized, it was presented to the director who liked the concept and its presence, but said that the valve was too messy. This led to even more months of research around the different regulators and research on...

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