Psychology 251

Step 1~12: The Hero's Journey


Available, " The Hero using a Thousand Faces” by Frederick Campbell that shows all of us a model showing how a hero becomes a actual hero. You will discover include 14 steps that happen to be 1 . Uncomfortable/New Environment

installment payments on your Call towards the Adventure

a few. Refusal in the call/Fear of change

some. Meeting with a mentor to overcome fear

5. Traversing the initially threshold

6. Test " allies” and " enemies”

7. Procedure – schooling

8. Ordeal – Facing of the fear

9. Reward – if you survive

15. Road Back – revisit from the " trip”

eleven. Resurrection – final big test

doze. Return with the Ultimate Advantage

Campbell is exploring the theory that important myths from around the world which have made it through for thousands of years almost all share an elementary structure, which usually Campbell called the monomyth. Now, let's us comply with me to see what the twelve steps accurately are and compare right after between them we might learn a large amount of new knowledge for the hero's journey. It is a really interesting process of studying. Step 1 : New Environment which i meet

There exists one difficulty that I can always remember it truly is my new came to America. It trained me a lot of new stuffs and cause me to feel grew up right away. It has a big influence to get my upcoming life and thinking.

When I was only seventeen, I actually came in this article by myself. This place is totally new for me. At the beginning, I find myself like there is nothing that I know. New people, new life-style, new language, and new lifestyle they are different from my region. During that period, I was aiming to adapt every thing as soon as possible I discovered out a whole lot of difficulties. Some of American food Some like, and I also skipped Chinese food very much. My family is also not here. While i met these kinds of troubles, I simply can face to all of them by myself. No-one I can tell, so I need to increase up to try to solve individuals dilemmas very quickly. I actually try to set out to eat American food, and I try to make a move new to me. I want to discover a way to make them familiar in my opinion.

When I first time traveled to school in this article, I as well find out learn English is also an important point for me. Merely do not find out it, I will not know what people speak about in the Institution and in retailers or any place in the United States. I think this new environment make me noticed that every spanish student should have complete autonomy. Yet autonomy will need to here imply that it is under no circumstances obligatory to find out a new stuff in a new environment or perhaps except you never usually do not go outside from your home. I choose use a positive approach to live in the brand new environment even I was nonetheless feel uneasy. Step 2: Bravery to face concerns

The second step is call to the experience. When a leading man meets several troubles or gets some information by simply others. He may get away from his ordinary life and pick a way in to the unknown universe to change or perhaps solve all the problems. Fact make the person has to modify all of stuffs. When you have some problems in an environment or perhaps meet several challenges and requests via others you will notice that you need to take action and solve them all.

Back to my experience, once i came to America, when I satisfy some difficulties here, We suddenly realized I need to change myself inside the new place by myself. My loved ones is a long way away from me. Even it is a little bite lonely for the person who just over eighteen. In that time, I think it was a kind of hard time for me. I feel uninteresting in here. I did not find out a lot of people and friends. Every day, I just went to two places: school and sponsor family home. Under this example, all of info all show you have to acknowledge the reality and discover some strategies to solve or change all of them.

In the beginning when I tried to change living, I did not know very well what I should perform. Actually, I was afraid to satisfy some problems that they all are unfamiliar. There is a question that how you will solve these people if you actually does not need to face to them. The boring existence makes me personally have to choose learn to how to choose them also I feel scared about...


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