State of girls in Pakistan



Factors which in turn mar your women in Pakistan

> Illiteracy

> Poverty

> Feudalism

> Weak organization

> Judiciary

> Legislative house

> Exec

> Lack of Political awareness

> Social barriers

> Misinterpretation of Islam with regards to woman empowerment > Corrupt media

Factors that can create women development

> Campaign of education among women

> Reduction of poverty

> Abolition of feudalism

> Strong company ensuring females empowerment

> Social, political, cultural monetary and specialist liberty among women > Positive role of religions with regards to women empowerment > Job opportunities for women

> Legislation on honor-killing, child marital life and vatta-satta system of marriage

Bottom line


Woman is one of the best creatures in the universe. This lady has been evenly endowed within terms of intellect, prudence and privileges as person has been. The state of woman in Pakistan in comparison with man will be awfully unhappy. She is desperately victim of domestic assault and intimate assaults at working areas. She is without a doubt meted away with significant atrocity and injustice. She is being rejected her due social, financial, political and financial rights. She suffers badly in pursuit of her important rights. Amazingly enough, this wounderful woman has been starving of her basic beginning right of education which is the best method to obtain women empowerment. It is only education that can encourage her not only socially but also fiscally and skillfully. It will be as a result of education that helps her expand the mental horizon. Therefore, it is an undeniable fact that provision of education to each ordinary woman on the basis of equal rights can noticeably change her fate. Unquestionably, education plays a role of spine in the advancement woman each and every level. Your rural females as compared to downtown ones demands urgent attention. The rural women are having worst experience at the hands of feudal lards. The have been held vastly ignorant of their fundamental rights including education, well being, participation in politics, professional and economic liberty. They being illiterate and unfounded cannot guard their basic rights. This kind of gruesome state of girl is just due to lack of education. Inevitably enough, poor monetary condition of woman has terribly told upon state of woman. She gets no claim in any home-based affairs of life. This lady has been patient of men dominance. It is just male, who may be to wield power in both home-based and private affairs of life. Whether it be choice of marriage, sending your line votes and some other monetary and professional matters. There exists another social evil of the society which is feudalism. It wipes out the entire factors which help woman to be energized. It has really become a obstacle in girl Empowerment. This kind of social bad urgently should be addressed so the chances of female empowerment can easily became likely in the near future. Really speaking, the poor state of woman can easily be increased by marketing education ranging from primary to raised level and opening up the doors of chance for jobs in different departments. So that they can become socially, economically, politically and professionally strong.

Illiteracy indeed is actually a big barrier to the social, economic and political advancement woman. They have rendered prevalent woman the helpless, voiceless and unaware of their standard privileges. That they being illiterate and underneath privileged are not able to voice up against the atrocities meted out to them. They have been decreased to serious voracity and hunger. The developed countries of the world will be encouraging girl empowerment simply by promoting common education to women. Thus, they become solid not only socially and economically but likewise politically and professionally even though the less produced countries happen to be questing to get foreign help in terms of female education and usually spends a negligible amount of education plus the rest...


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