п»їWeek several Quiz

1 . A system of ranking within a society that perpetuates bumpy power and resources is: a. Couche

b. Emancipation

c. Social mobility

m. Gentrification

2 . According to Schaefer (2015), " a category system is a social rating based generally on economic position through which achieved characteristics can impact _______________, ” the ability to progress or straight down in the couche system. a. Social prominence

b. Interpersonal mobility

c. Cultural universals

d. Emblematic interaction

a few. While Karl Marx viewed social category as the influential component for other inequalities in a capitalist contemporary society, Max Weber also included status and _______ as affecting one's position in the couche hierarchy. a. Feudalism

m. Sociology

c. Caste

deb. Power

4. The legacy of colonialism where less developed countries continue to rely upon more created countries is called: a. Neocolonialism

b. Globalization

c. Sociable class

d. Feminization

five. According to Schaefer (2015), _______________ may be the " worldwide integration of government policies, nationalities, social motions, and economic markets through trade plus the exchange of ideas. ” a. Neocolonialism

b. Globalization

c. Sociable class

g. Feminization

6th. Which of those is not a property of social minority groups that distinguishes these people from the dominant group? a. Unequal treatment

b. Several physical or cultural qualities

c. Smaller numbers

g. Strong sense of unification

7. A ___________ group is differentiated by a society's views about physical distinctions (e. g., based on pores and skin or hair texture); ______________ groups happen to be distinguished by simply cultural characteristics or nationwide origin. a. Racial; Ethnic

b. Ethnic; Racial

c. Minority; Mythical

d. Global; Class

almost 8. Prejudice is known as a negative frame of mind about a category of people that frequently leads to discrimination, the denial of rights or for you to a particular group. ____________ splendour occurs due to the...


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