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The Cotton Road stretching from The southern part of Europe through Arabia, Somalia, Egypt, Persia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Java, and Vietnam until it gets to China. Property routes happen to be red, normal water routes blue

The Cotton Road (German: Seidenstraße) (or Silk Routes) is a comprehensive interconnected network of control routes throughout the Asian region connecting East, South, and Western Asia with the Mediterranean world, and also North and East The african continent and Europe. The term " Seidenstraße" (literally " Man made fibre Road" ) was gave retrospectively by German geographer Ferdinand von Richthofen in 1877 and has found as its way in general usage. It gets its name from the lucrative Chinese silk trade, which started during the Ryan Dynasty (206 BCE–220 CE), and was the main reason for the text of operate routes in to an extensive trans-continental network.[1][2][3] In recent years, both the maritime and overland Silk Paths are once again being used, often closely pursuing the ancient tracks.

|Contents | |[hide] | |1 Review | |2 Etymology | |3 Routes taken | |3. 1 Overland cotton routes | |3. two Maritime cotton routes | |4 Qualifications | |4. 1 Cross-continental journeys | |4. a couple of Prehistoric transport and control | |4. 3 Trans-Saharan trade | |4. 5 Egyptian maritime trade | |4. a few Ancient cacera construction | |4. 6 Chinese and Central Asian contacts | |4. several Persian Royal Road | |5 History | |5. 1 Hellenistic era | |5. a couple of Chinese hunt for Central Asia | |5. 3 The Roman Empire | |5. 4 Medieval age | |5. your five Mongol age | |5. 6 Mold | |5. 7 The fantastic explorers: Europe reaching for Asia | |6 Cultural exchanges on the Cotton Road | |6. 1 Artistic tranny | |6. 1 . one particular Buddhist deities | |6. 1 . 2 Wind our god | |6. 2 Technological transfer...

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