Romeo makes very hasty decisions, many of which result in needless consequences. On a single occasion, Romeo sneaks in to the Capulet Masquerade Ball in which he meets Juliet and quickly forgets about his first true love, Rosaline. Romeo automatically decides he has decreased in take pleasure in all over again, which reflects on Romeo's impulsive personality. " Do my cardiovascular love till now? Forswear it, view! / Pertaining to I ne'er saw true beauty until this night. ” (Shakespeare 52-53) Romeo's unwise patterns also brings about the loss of life of Juliet's cousin when his impulsive action to fight with Tybalt does not move as planned. " Possibly thou or I, or both, need to go with him. ” (Shakespeare 126) In only one picture, Romeo's emotions overcome him and he is the cause of one particular death great own exile from Verona. " And for that offense/ Immediately we do relegation him hence. ” (Shakespeare 183-184) Romeo's spur-of-the-moment decisions take the lives of his friends (Mercutio), family (Lady Montague), all those he hate (Paris) and in addition his very own. " Romeo, there deceased, was spouse to that Juliet; / and she, right now there dead, that Romeo's faithful wife. ” (Shakespeare 231-232) We can absolutely come towards the conclusion that Romeo, himself is a great reason behind this tragic story that triggers many people grief and sorrow. By simply reading this story, it is evident how damaging impulsive actions can be. 1 . Act One, Scene One particular: ROMEO: Alas, that like, whose watch is muffled still, Ought to, without eye, see pathways to his will! Wherever shall all of us dine? To me! What fray was here?

In this line, Romeo illustrates how superficial his thoughts are. He dramatically muses about his " love" for Rosaline to Benvolio. And then all of a sudden he's able to go coming from heartbreak and pining to " Exactly where shall all of us dine? " And then he notices the ruin in the earlier feud. His thoughts are low here, fantastic positions are lingering, implying an impulsive and whimsical tendency.

2 . Action Two, Scene Two:


With love's light wings did I actually o'er-perch these types of walls;...


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