Tactical Plan




To set up itself as the best advertising kwek-kwek place in the marketplace of Ormoc. Also enhance its existence in the vicinity of Ormoc within the next 5 years.


Quick Kwek-kwek sees by itself to provide the best feature of Kwek-kwek food with a lesser cost and quality assistance.

To get QUICK KWEK-KWEK, Specific Objectives:

1 . To establish itself as a rough opponent in its presence in the Associated with Ormoc. installment payments on your To convey exceptional financial takings to it is owners.

3. To satisfy its customers with its products.


1 . To determine itself like a rough compete with in its presence in the Associated with Ormoc. 1a. Quantity of kwek-kwek stalls within the City of Ormoc.

1b. Quantity of revenue.

1c. Marketplace portion in the City of Ormoc.

2 . To share excellent economical proceeds to its owners.

2a. Total net profits documented for 5 years.

2b. Go back on Value.

2c. Go back on Assets.

2d. Return on Sales.

3. To fulfill its clients with its items.

3a. Increase of product sales.

3b. Percentage of echoing customers.

3c. Number of client suggestions and recommendations.


| KRAs| PI's

| | 2012 (now)| 2013 (one year later)| 2014| 2015| 2016| 2017 (5 years later)| 1a. 1b. 1c. | Level of kwek-kwek stalls here in the city of Ormoc.. Quantity of revenue. Marketplace section in the City of Ormoc. | 1Php. 7, 0004%| 3Php. 9, 0006%| 4Php. 12, 0008%| 6Php. 18, 00010%| 9Php. 25, 00013%| 10Php. 30, 00015%| 2a. 2b. 2c. second. | Total net earnings documented for 5 years. Return about Equity Returning on Property Return about Sales| Php. 5, 00030%15%12%| Php. 6, 00035%18%14%| Php. 8, 00040%19%16%| Php. 12, 00045%22%18%| Php. 15, 00048% 23%20%| Php. 25, 00050%25%25%

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