Thousands of people leave their particular countries via all over the world to a country that

gives these people a better your life. Why perform these people imagine leaving their particular homelands? There are

lots of reasons behind that nevertheless I think the most crucial ones are education, financing, and

well being.

The most important reason is to be informed because a wide range of countries have got bad

educational institutions, colleges, and universities. Therefore , people take a flight to get informed and

perceptive. I was one of these people. I left my personal country Korea and desired to immigrate to

The usa so I may go to a very good school that might help me obtain a better degree.

In my state Iraq most colleges and universities were old. In addition , it was very hard for

a female to go to university because of the terrorists. The government failed to provide in whatever way to

support us. That they didn't support the education back again there. Although it took me practically six

years to return to school, I used to be able to help to make it in this article. And I'm so pleased with myself.

Another reason that makes people need to immigrate is financial. It's actually a

popular cause. Many people are immigrating from poor and undeveloped countries, this sort of

as my personal uncle, who had to leave the country due to bad economic system there. So to

secure his future and get his needs he decided to take a flight to The United States. He got a

better job now, he was able to get his own house and provided and amazing your life for his

family. He can in a bigger standard of living in The U. S. A than his homeland. Even though

this individual faced a whole lot of difficult experience traveling aiming to get to a peaceful country, he made this

and this individual got what he wished.

Health is another important reasons why people immigrate. They have bad hospitals or

some of the poor countries no longer even have clinics. So persons can't acquire any therapies.

They you do not have medications; also they don't have any developed systems to treat people.

Some people who also live in severe countries...


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