The Journey & Celebrity Wars

The Odyssey has been named one of the greatest impressive ever created. This impressive was made by a man named Homer, a famous Greek poem copy writer. For years this kind of had been considered as the best legendary ever written by man right up until Star Wars came along. Legend Wars is kind of another based type of the Odyssey, It was well-known because of the technology and the character types incorporated in them. This hit film was written by George Lucas and on sale since May twenty-five, 1977. In both of the epics they had many things in keeping and some things that were not alike. The Odyssey and Star Wars are both very alike to one another. These two epics consist of a hero, a villain, a mentor, and a purpose. During these two interesting epics the hero is actually mostly relates to each other due to how they observe things at first and at the conclusion of their journeys. An example of this is how Odysseus will not thank the gods and expects everything to go his method. This is foolish of him because he desires his journey to be successful although everything opens him. At the end Odysseus appears differently in himself when he learns that without gods he is nothing, the same thing takes place in Superstar Wars. When ever Luke is with Obi-Wan, initially he inquiries him and does not believe in him and in his advice. At the end he understands that with out Obi-Wan and his teachings from the force, in this case an example of the gods in the Odyssey, he would be absolutely nothing. Star Wars and the Odyssey also have all their differences. One of the primary differences among these two epics is the time it took to enable them to get spots. In the Odyssey it would consider two weeks to visit from Ithaca to troy. In Superstar Wars it would take mere seconds to just travel between Galaxies. I believe this will make a big difference between them because of simply how much they appreciated time in the Odyssey. In the Odyssey that they could not hang on to get home. In Celebrity Wars it could just be an issue of mere seconds to arrive there. I believe the most important difference...


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