Final Examination Review

NUTR 295 – Fall 2013

NEW MATERIAL: 90 points (~50 questions)

Understanding Disease Risk Factors

Describe right after between a chronic disease and contagious disease. What leading reasons behind death are nutrition-related?

A) heart illnesses, cancers, strokes, diabetes

Describe the idea of a risk factor.

A) Factors considered to be related to illnesses, but have not yet proven to be a reason. We say that a certain element puts take a look at increased exposure to possible a disease, nevertheless does not trigger it. How exactly does one employ risk elements?

Review basic principles of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis. Be ready to spot the risk factors for heart disease (especially diet-related risk factors! ) A) High LDL blood cholesterol, low HDL blood bad cholesterol, high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, overweight (central obesity), physical a sedentary lifestyle, cigarette smoking, diet plan: high over loaded or trans fats, low veggies, low fruits, low whole grains Describe the nutritional strategies to reduce risk of CVD through diet. A) Decrease saturated and trans body fat, increase soluble fiber intake, increase fruits and veggies, enhance whole grains/ decrease sophisticated grains, maximize fish intake (2 servings/week) What is the TLC diet and exactly what does it entail?

A) TLC = Healing Lifestyle Changes. Through the NIH, created to help reduce cholesterol through diet and lifestyle improvements: the same adjustments we noticed in desk 11. 6, also advises 2 grms per day of plant sterols What do herb sterols have to do with substantial blood cholesterol? A) Herb sterols – the plant sort of cholesterol.

Slightly chemically distinct, prevent all of us from gripping, riveting cholesterol inside the intestines, currently only recommended for those with high cholesterol

Weight reduction

What is supposed by the concept of ‘energy balance'?

A) Consumption = end result � fat maintenance

Consumption < outcome � fat loss

Intake > output � weight gain

What is the significance of BMI? Find chart on page 3 of (Module twelve Part 1) What is the risk of being overweight or perhaps obese?

Precisely what are the varies of BODY MASS INDEX? (Know the numbers. What is healthy? Underweight? Overweight? ) A) Underweight < 18. 5

Typical = 18. 5 – 24. 9

Overweight = 25 – 29. on the lookout for

Obese (class I) sama dengan 30 – 34. being unfaithful

Obese (class II) = 35 – 39. 9

Extremely obese (class III) > forty

What are the alternatives to BMI pertaining to predicting wellness status? A) Men 12-20% ‘normal', 5-10% for players, > 22% & 35% &


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