At first, I actually considered NSTP as only a required course that I need to take. I chose CWTS because We find ROTC and LTS hard and stressful. My local freinds studying in other universities stated that CWTS is the simplest because they simply clean the area and held feeding applications in different barangays. But based on what I skilled, it was more than this.

The moment Ma'am thought to us that individuals will be having our field work in, I had been very thrilled and stressed at the same time. I was excited since I want to encounter interviewing different people and likely to different areas to see what is really taking place in this world. I used to be nervous mainly because I have this kind of feeling that some people can ignore and get angry to us.

On our initially day of field function, we had difficulties approaching the people because these were busy performing their point. But after the warm meet of our initial respondent, we all became self-confident. The people of Barangay Bayog were good and favorable. They helped us locating pregnant women and children a couple of years old beneath. Some even talk about their existence to us, and their like story. My spouse and i never anticipated that they will allow us to enter all their homes. I was very carressed.

I felt sad when a lot of pregnant women didn't have their check-up and some children don't have labor and birth certificates and proper therapeutic support and vaccines. The barangay should know it. They must receive the right medicinal attention because they have rights for this. I hope the fact that results of your report can help Barangay Bayog to provide the proper health care for the pregnant women and children.

Now i'm very pleased to be among the students who experienced interviewing these people. This served as an eye opener to me the services we now have are not enough for all the persons. We have a long way to go before the government provides all the things which might be needed in each and every individual. Nevertheless I believe that in our very own little techniques, we can help in giving minor solutions to these kinds of big problems.

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