Essential Question:

So what do Muslim funerals reveal

regarding the Islamic beliefs regarding

life following death?

Learning objectives:

• To understand what takes place during

a Muslim memorial service.

• To spot the key Muslim beliefs

portrayed during a memorial service.

• To take into account symbolism

Physiques are never cremated

in order to focus on the belief

that wealth and material

property are trivial.

Funerals are basic; large

tombstones and adornments are


as some Muslims believe that

the dead can easily still experience

physical sensations.

Physiques are very gently washed

for instance a Muslims believe in a

finish physical resurrection of

the body.

Mourning will need to last no more

than a few days

since it is a summary of the core

beliefs of Muslims, and helps

all of them prepare themselves.

The Shahadah is recited near


signifying the idea in the

equality of all human beings.

The body is definitely wrapped in sheets of as fatality is not really considered to be white unsewn cloth

the end therefore, Muslims place

their hope in Goodness and rely upon

him to address the deceased.

Which one of the Islamic beliefs that can be extracted from a

memorial service do you think is the most important?

Explain the answer.

•The belief that wealth and material assets are


•The opinion that the deceased can still encounter physical


•The idea in a physical resurrection of the body.

•The belief inside the equality coming from all humans.

•The belief that death is definitely not the finish.

" Those that fear The almighty and do great are guaranteed

a Garden through which rivers flow. The fruits of

this garden are everlasting, and so is a shade.

This is for those who believe that, for those that don't

there is the fireplace.


Suppose heaven and hell are present,

what would they wind up as? Draw three or more

symbols every of what heaven and hell

would be like for yourself.

Annotate the symbols describing what

sevylor means to you.


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