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The bank branch of the future


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Redefining the role of branches four > Case study: Nascent Digital — understanding customer demands 8 > Article: The Fiserv point of view — data convergence, conversation specialization and the importance of bundled channels 10 Recognition — selling to a market of one 12 > Case study: CRM by Wintrust Economical and Fiserv 14 > Case study: Customer-centric at the core — First Residents National Bank and Harland Financial Solutions 15 Involvement — creating memorable contact points of sixteen > Example: Digital signs at Indicate Systems and Best Buy 18 > Client use scenarios: Microsoft Surface at Barclays Bank and Royal Lender of Canada 21 > Case study: Improvement communications by Fidelity 22 Origination — developing new company opportunities twenty three > Example: Predictive stats at U. S. Bancorp with Symbol Software twenty-five > Profile: Secure paperless banking with digital unsecured personal from Topaz and AssureSign 26 > Case study: Bonuses at Lender of the Western world and Varicent 27 Service — choosing customers to the next level 28 > Case study: Next-generation self-service in BBVA with NCR 30 > Example: Espirito Imagen creates a better banking experience with CRM and a fish hunter 360 degree, bundled view with the customer thirty-one Innovation — developing new products and companies with customers 32 > Case study: Cultural computing by NewsGator and CME National Credit Union 34 Delivering it all jointly — systems of route integration thirty-five > Document: Creating a consistent customer knowledge through funnel synchronization 36 Having a perspective for the future 39 > Profile: Helping consumers succeed with ARGO forty Realizing the branch of the future 41 Microsoft partners showing up in this newspaper 42

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Financial services can be described as major market for MicrosoftВ® Corporation. Our commitment to the sector comprises client-dedicated accounts teams, and technology and sector specialists. The solution areas embrace almost every facet of the industry, which includes client knowledge, governance, risk and compliance, payments, and operating capabilities. The U. S. Finance industry group led by Ben Narey is responsible for producing financial services solutions combining Microsoft company capabilities with those of the partners, pertaining to our U. S. -based banking clients. This is one in a series of thought leadership papers designed to reveal insight into leading industry concerns and help companies realize their very own vision of the future.


Your bank branch of the near future


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After a significant period of enlargement, banks have found current market conditions tough to say the least. Putting customers initial is the correct response, plus the branch may be the place to accomplish that. But the role of limbs is changing dramatically. Transactions are moving to the Internet, therefore customers might have fewer reasons to check out branches. In addition , new systems, such as social networking and personal financial management (PFM) tools, happen to be transforming the relationship with clients, forcing financial institutions to develop innovative ways to create the ideal customer experience while empowering customers and giving them more control. In the event branch trips are less repeated, they must be a little more valuable and more interesting. Home buying of existing and potential customers walking in branches and never being known or efficiently engaged are over. A fresh era of personalized finance is forcing banks to trade to a market of one. What this means is understanding consumer needs and addressing these people appropriately. This kind of also means shifting from a reactive product sales model into a proactive 1, where customer needs could be anticipated before hand. Thanks to within technology, buyer expectations from the experience they have to receive after they visit the department are rising all the time. But just completing...


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