Lesson plan

- episode teaching activity -


Grade: seventh

Level: Pre - advanced


The scholars will:

-- demonstrate their very own ability to work with their imagination

- preserve a character by performing a far-fetched 5 mins improvisation

-- react to condition to produce natural or all-natural English

Materials: a small straightforward object (a pen), activity worksheet (attached)

Warm-up Activity (Object Transformation)

All the learners sit in a big circle. Teacher reveals the class a simple object (such a pen). He demonstrates the activity simply by transforming the pen into something else by the way he use it. For example , he might imagine to lumination it which has a match and throw it; the students will guess it is dynamite.

The object is then exceeded from pupil to scholar. Each converts the things into something different and the different students must guess what the item has been changed into. The object might not exactly transform in to the same thing 2 times.

Interaction: T-Ss


Activity 1

Teacher asks students about the goal of the exercise and talks about the importance of imagination in drama.

Discussion: T-Ss


Activity a couple of

Teacher demands students to find yourself in groups of 3 and he assigns a number to each group (group 1, group 2). Each group has to improvise a landscape about 5 minutes around 3 unrelated words and phrases. Teacher gives each group three slips of conventional paper and learners write down 3 words. The slips happen to be put in a hat and group has to draw 3. Students must incorporate these words within a scene which eventually they will act out. They have a few minutes to write out ideas as their creativity will supply the dialogue when they improvise.

Interaction: T – Dure

S – S


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