Even though Kafka's story " In the Penal Colony” can be considered 3rd person omniscient, I believe the story was major narrated through officer. I agree with Brittany's interpretation the fact that traveler benefits from the lien of the official, because I really believe that the traveller symbolizes someone while the expert plays a much more active part as the narrator. The traveler just like the reader is usually brought to another place in which the officer's describe the intricacies of his beloved machine. The police officer seems to be in charge of everyone for the penal nest, while the tourist seems to be a passive bystander who would not try to stop the officer's " unjustified” punishment. " The tourist now desired to remain silent, but he felt the eyes from the condemned guy on him; he looked like there was asking whether the traveler may approve the procedure that got just been described. ” (Page 40) Even when the traveler presumed that it was immoral to " judge” the condemned man without a fair trial, he believe it absolutely was wiser not to to hinder the officer's judgment. " Nevertheless, he had to advise himself that was a presidio colony, that special disciplinary measures had been necessary below, and that armed forces procedures were required to prevail during. ” (Page 41) Consequently , I think the authoritative officer seems to be primary narrator. By simply presenting the narrative from this perspective, someone like the traveler is able to psychologically and intellectually react to story; however , we can only be the passive bystander watching the inhumane works unfold prior to our sight. Perhaps we are the traveller who just happens to be " invited” to penal colony. Perhaps we all possess neither the bravery nor the energy to stop self applied of the ruined man. Most importantly, by which represents the tourist as you, Kafka demands the reader a number of critical concerns. Would we all impose our judgment upon others, if we deem all of them immoral? Happen to be we the passive bystander who would do nothing to stop pain? How...


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