16T " Although many persons think that the luxuries and conveniences of contemporary life will be entirely safe, in fact , they actually prevent persons from developing into really strong and independent persons. "

The issue of if the luxuries and conveniences stop people from developing into truly good and self-employed, as the speaker says, is such a complex one that in answer to this declaration, people have several answers because of their respective viewpoint, so we ought to evaluate the proposition comprehensively and systematically. To some extent, I agree insofar as conveniences of contemporary lifestyle may affect our self-development and independency. However , one other convincing disagreement can be manufactured further that modern establishments contribute to our conveniences is obviously. In my perspective, what actually matters/counts is usually individual's frame of mind towards modern-day facilities, plus the final wisdom should depend on a case-by-case examination which demands an all-sided consideration.

Above all, it goes without saying that modern establishments provide individuals with freedom and free, and enable us to live and work more productive and effectively with the aid of advanced technology and civilization. Seeing that ancient times, without living and coming together, we individuals as gregarious animals cannot survive from the perilous moments пјЊfacing the risks in the natural environment such as conditions, disasters, critters and so on. While in modern age, combined with technology and conveniences via modernization which will emancipates us from the large work and provides the most flexibility to humanity, it seems that we now have become strong and impartial enough to deal with these challenges and defend for the civilizations. The advanced accessories and very good medical care leading to our health and fitness generate ourselves solid; the large quantity of foods and multiple nutrients that we get everyday enable us to acquire longevity; the tech and weapons protect...


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