Summary of the Case

Giordano is definitely one of Asia's most powerful retailers with operations in East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Central East. The success of Giordano was attributed to elements such as providing excellent customer care, understanding card holder's needs and wants, stringent selection and training of staff, brief design to production periods, and extremely very good inventory control and yield. With a strong emphasis on customer care and good value Giordano was able to differentiate alone from competitors. The question is just how, can Giordano maintain its competitive advantage in the foreseeable future? Amidst significantly stronger rivals and changing industry conditions, Giordano were required to critically examine its options for competitive benefit and important success factors, and perhaps to consider repositioning itself in current and new markets Furthermore, Giordano needed to look at which crucial success factors would likely to be eroded in the coming years. Furthermore, Giordano had to consider whether and if yes, how its key success factors could be used in other country markets that this planned to.

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Mr Jimmy Lai - CEO

Declaration of the trouble

Increasing Giordano's sales yield, aligned having a substantial gain in business. STATEMENT OF OBJECTIVES

Short-term Objective

* To reposition itself against its competition in its existing and new markets. Long lasting Objective

* To be the planet's leading vogue and clothes line companies in terms of profit and sales volume.

Parts of Consideration


Tax composition

Pollution rules


Hard anodized cookware Currency Problems

Currency changes

Rising cost of raw materials

Labor Cost


Taste and Preference



- Technological

THIS Systems

Alternative Methods of Action

ACA one particular Giordano should implement a more sober approach to maintain client loyalty with the local brands. ACA2 Giordano should modify their branding and placement strategies ACA3 Giordano has to find out prospect of outsourcing to take care of low cost

Evaluation (SWOT)

SWOT Analysis


Products will be various and categorized like ladies, children, etc so it reaches everyone and the unisex Providing an expert service so customers feel at ease and focus on quality in the service primary Many people have known Giordano as quality brand

Giordano was able to regularly sell value-for-money merchandise through careful choice of suppliers, strict cost control, and fighting off the temptation to increase retail prices needlessly A dedicated labor force in all shops that provides quality service: In order to maintain this Giordano follows stringent variety procedures to ensure only desired employees happen to be chosen, conduct workshops on " attitude training”, follows rotational on the job training approach and performance related pay systems on the basis of periodic performance reviews Quality staff recruitment for any high quality and constant staff in Giordano via a mindful staff selection A very well chosen dealer to get the greatest supplier and keep innovating to develop creative companies high quality supplies Prices will be reasonable and keeping this normal, not to raise it up Giordano stores are located in dense inhabitants and high traffic areas Move quickly on a marketplace change

Smart in revenue opportunity and minimizing retail outlet size intended for the efficiencies Using substantial technology intended for fast droit. Every sales and the bar code information will be identified and transmitted directly to the company key computer and sales division department Giordano always makes sure the stocks and options are always obtainable in the store Fast moving items to avoid old items stacked at the factory or best-seller items unavailable Information's are fast propagate to the productions so in the event that there's any kind of slow going item, Giordano will try to offer it as fast as possible and...


Ethics Composition

Egulatory Views of the Lugging Industry Composition