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Atmosphere Asia as well as West jet/ South west airline- Low cost company airline- correspond with Fiji Airways Factors that generate inexpensive Airline?

All these candain air travel is a affordable airline jar:

Air Asia started with 2 surroundings craft- right now got numerous aircraft. Air flow pacific – co marketing ( Fiji Airways)- received series of firms and is growing rapidly and is also a big market. World's major low cost jar – Significant domestic airline that provides brief haul, high frequency, point to point, low do service. Give highest quality of customer companies, give income sharing strategies to workers. Fuel hedge – managed only one type of aircraft. THE NEW A330 – Fiji Airways- 2013, Air Pacific cycles officially re-launch as Fiji Airways to coincide with a new, world-class experience which will

bring the most of this nice nation towards the skies.

First airplane design for Fijis international airline. remarkably fuel useful with low carbon Proceeds Royce machines. Business category features bent flat beds and the economic system cabin boasts shared electricity sockets, feelings lighting and a large twice disabled toilet that likewise contains a big change table, supplying parents with babies meet room.

Samoa- air Fiji is utilizing their aircraft today

Apia- have of time to Sydney

* Purchasing a new airplane will save millions and millions of us dollars. * Gasoline is a big cost of the airline- Big utilization- every minute is safe in the airport- 20 mins turn-around is the expense saving 5. High utilization of the aircraft

* Singly type of aircraft

* Accelerate how fast we can perform

* Light weight crew/ charming/ beautiful/ slim/ local criminals * Fly into second airport

5. also for a lot of less than 6 hours air travel airlines dont provide meals and drinks, customer should buy this * They use airbus

5. Limited range of staffing- Client pay on the net, book on the net, * Training- invest in the persons


2. Single sort of fleet reduces maintenance as well as the pilot schooling...


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