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Assignment: Example – Lincoln Electric in China

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Moscow, March 2011


Executive summary3

1 . Analysis of the exterior environment in the Global Welding industry4

1 ) 1 . Political and Legal factors4

1 . 2 . Economical factors5

1 ) 3. Social factors5

1 ) 4. Technical factors5

2 . Analysis from the internal environment of Lincoln subsequently Electric7 three or more. Lincoln Electric's performance management. 9

several. 1 . Piecework system10

several. 2 . Year-end Bonus11

a few. 3. Different features12

some. Recommendations15

Recommendations list17

Appendix 1: INFESTATIONS analysis table18

Appendix a couple of: Typology of organizational culture18

Appendix 3: Comparative data20

Appendix 5: Implementing a Total Rewards System: Four Phases21

Executive synopsis

After a incredibly successful launch, the Lincoln Electric powered Welding (Shanghai) Company Ltd. on the position of researching the approach and focusing on developing the motivation plan that will perfectly suit to the Chinese suppliers specific industry. The prepared report shows the main areas which are necessary for the Strategy review and offers with certain recommendations. 1st part presented with Analysis in the external environment of the Global Welding market that will useful to reinforce the key existent features of the technique and give full attention to improvement of possible weak fields. The second part -- Analysis of the internal environment of Lincoln Electric is targeted on description of specific organizational tradition of the organization in China and tiawan and support the main portion of the report - Lincoln Electric's performance management, where determined and critically analyzed the real key success factors of Lincoln Electric's efficiency management system. Within the analysis the are focused on Advice whether these factors could be successfully utilized in Lincoln Electric (Shanghai) Welded Company Limited. And finally, your fourth part of the survey summarizes and presents the precise recommendations for the business regarding management of functionality implementation. The report furnished with supportive components which positioned in Appendixes whilst in the the main body of record.

1 . Research of the external environment from the Global Welded industry

To be able to develop the implementation prepare and further tips for the good management of performance in Lincoln Electric power (Shanghai) Welded Company Ltd, it is vitally to identify and analyze the important thing factors inside the external environment of the welded industry as well as its impact on management people and organization. One particular widespread and efficient approach to comprehend the global external environment is that of the PEST evaluation (Appendix 1). It permits to assess an industry position in the changing exterior environment and also to correlate the primary factors changing with the company implications within the further MESO level evaluation.

1 . 1 . Political and Legal elements

Entrance to the developing countries for the industry much more attractive, because from federal government side it is proposed incentives for investing in local overall economy. It is certainly since it possibly provides employments, GDP progress and financial stability on the whole. In his conversation during Organization summit, Ruben Stropki – Chairman, Leader and CEO, Lincoln Electric power Holdings, Incorporation. stressed that government actions in China and tiawan had been extremely committed to development and supportive to business. On the other hand seeing that industry advancement considered through global point of view, it should choose the general strategy to the local legalization requirements (e. g. work laws, taxation laws, competition regulations, environmental regulations and so forth ). Likewise, entering the brand new market the welding industry is always confronts to qualification and mental property concerns. In some countries, corruption elements becomes the barriers intended for...

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