Technological change (TC) is a term that is used to explain the overall process of invention, innovation and konzentrationsausgleich of technology or techniques.[1][2] The word is associated with technological development, technological achievement, and technological progress. In essence TC is the advent of a technology (or a process), the continuous technique of improving a technology (in which attempting to becomes cheaper) and its durchmischung throughout market or contemporary society. In short, technical change is based on both better and more technology Technology and variety have significantly changed the lives of men and women in culture. Technology provides positive and negative effects about our daily lives. However , the positivity and negativity of technology will depend on how much we all use it and exactly how much we could exposed to that. In other words, each of our lifestyle controls our make use of technology, although technology impact on our life styles. To begin, technology has changed the fields of agriculture, making, warfare, vehicles, information, medicine, communication, and the like. Technology has additionally made it simpler for other factors to impact our standards of living, such as the press. All in all, technology has made existence much easier, therefore we no more are required to live vigorous life-style that, in the past, contributed to the decline inside our health. However, technology has complicated a large number of lives and has many unwanted effects. Technology has the strength to deliver media to all of us that can alter our beliefs and thoughts about the world, which return changes our lifestyles. Also, technology has negative effects on the environment such as pollution. Because of technology such as computers and television, people have a much more sedentary lifestyle, which leads to health problems and concerns.


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