Word Depend: 1, 237

Denise Moreno

Professor Carlene Coury

English language 120

13 April 2013

Deterioration from the English Dialect

The British language appears to be deteriorating a lot more each day. A lot of examples could be given to justify this remark. Three several writers have got pointed out a few examples of the butchering of the vocabulary. Martha Brokenbrough states the constant use of instant messaging lingo and internetism can certainly be a sensible way to reshape the way in which we talk. At the same time she writes additionally, it may affect the way we talk properly and professionally. Author, George Orwell, speaks about how we have developed words inside the English terminology to conceal the true meaning for political causes. Orwell points out that we mask what we truly want to state, and at the same time, we confuse the reader by not really making sense of whatever we write. Speechwriter, Clark Whelton, pointed out that vagueness is a growing problem in our mother vocabulary; therefore , students don't know tips on how to stop being hazy while aiming to communicate. Despite the fact that all three freelance writers make different points regarding English rotting as a vocabulary, they all consent in the reason for this problem, apathy.

Martha Brokenbrough states " So the key with Internetisms is to understand when it's okay to use these people, when it's certainly not okay, and once not with them will make anyone looks clueless” (149). Brokenbrough emphasizes that applying instant messaging lingo is so good, and it is ideal in certain time and spots, however , not so sure where then when to use this lingo, can cause confusion and make you appear foolish. LOL is a very prevalent phrase to listen to nowadays, when one would go to a job interview and won't be able to carry a conversation without using any of these abbreviations, it is not simply unacceptable but disrespectful. The shortcuts all of us use might be making all of us look sluggish and dumb when applied at a courtroom or possibly a doctor's workplace as examples. LMAO appears impolite and childish once used for these...

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