The experiment was composed showing the effects that different colors of sunshine have on plant expansion. We separated our plant life into distinct boxes then covered the openings with colored cellophane. We executed this experiment for approximately a couple weeks. Out of the colors blue, green, red, and yellow, the plant behind the blue cellophane grew one of the most. Research Trouble

What effects will different color light have on grow growth? Hypothesis

The vegetation will get taller under the crimson and green light in opposition to the green and yellow mild. Related Studies

While exploring this topic, I found information on it. Plants react differently to different colors of light. The studies show that plants is going to grow the tallest under far reddish colored light; also that they will develop short little with only blue light. I also found tons of different examples on how to perform the test. Procedures/Methods

1) First, accumulate your supplies. You will need:

9-cell load up

4 seed products


4 cardboard boxes

Drinking water


four Pots

4 sheets of cellophane (yellow, blue, green, red)




2) Put dirt into the 9-cell pack.

a) Soil may be any that you just prefer, nevertheless, you must use the same soil throughout the entire experiment. 3) Plant the seeds inside the soil.

a) You can utilize any type of seeds but you need to use the same kind of seeds for each space in the 9-cell pack. i) You plant the seed products the length of the seed under the soil. 4) Water the seeds until water slowly drips your openings in the bottom with the 9-cell packs and then put the 9-cell bunch into sunlight. 5) Drinking water the seed every day till water trickles slowly from the bottom. 6) After the seeds develop, transfer the plants right into a pot roughly 2 inches in size and 3 inches high. a) Seeds need to sprout about ВЅ inch before transferring.

7) Place the cellophane upon the availabilities of the bins with strapping. a) Be sure there is an opening for you to get the plant in and out from the box. 8) Set the plants in the box and put in direct sunlight.

9) Water the plants daily until drinking water slowly drips out of the bottom of the container. 10) Jot down daily benefits.


Green Plant

Blue Plant

Red Flower

Yellow Plant


Most plants sprouted and are roughly ВЅ inches tall.


Every plants have raised to roughly 3 inches tall.


I put the cellophane on the containers and set the plants inside. Plants remain about three or more inches taller. 2-28-14

Beginning to wilt.

4” tall

three or more ½”

Starting to wilt.


Almost totally withered.

4 ½”

several ½”

Almost completely withered.



Starting to turn yellow.

No improvement.



Dead with millipede actions.

Even more yellow on the leaves.

Starting to turn discolored.

Dead with millipede action.

Overall, my green and crimson plants had been taller than my green and yellow-colored ones. Realization

My hypothesis was correct. My green and crimson plant grew taller than my green and yellow-colored plants. Throughout the experiement, there were days by which we would not really be at school, for that reason my crops couldn't become watered. Also, we were awaiting the cellophane for a long time. These factors could've effected my experiement.


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