Coca-Cola's Article Inventory Program

Problems and Background Inside the factory of Coca-Cola Drinks Ltd. several sorts of well-known soft drinks will be produced, just like Coca-Cola Light, Fanta or perhaps Sprite. The circulation of these goods is incredibly fast. Following being in stock inside the warehouse for any short time, they are soon delivered to consumers and therefore are replaced by simply recently made items. Inside the finished goods warehouse, shares of two hundred fifity different products on 40000 pallets take up 10001200 storage spaces. Pertaining to the company, correct and up dated information on the inventory features primary importance, so daily, weekly and monthly stocks are taken of the items. In order to guarantee accuracy and reliability, the same stocks are examined several times simply by different inventory taking 'teams'. The results gained by making use of this method, are compared during the process, consequently, the inventory program can guarantee correct results. This kind of work accustomed to be completed at Skol Hungary Ltd. by using Mark PDT3100 terminals, but their creation and element supply was finished definitively, and a brand new device needed to be found to replace them. Considering that the company was fully content with Motorola MC70 devices consist of fields, the use of these contemporary, multi-functional PDAs seemed to be a good solution for this purpose as well.

Solution The modern Article Inventory solution intended for the client's MC70 products was prepared by BCS Hungary Ltd. The modern system was required to preserve features of the prior system, as Coca Cola Hungary Ltd. had not prepared any changes concerning the background structures. Information on the products on hand which is to always be checked during inventory choosing is provided by the business management system (ERP) to get the Article Inventory. Perfect data transfer (interface) between them had to be solved as well. The backdrop database is operated by using Microsoft company SQL.

The program consists of two parts: a PC graphical user interface and a mobile interface.



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