Catherine of Aragon is the child of California king Ferdinand 2 of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile and Leon and descended maternally and paternally from British kings. Her marriage to Prince Arthur Tudor of Wales is aimed at sealing a diplomatic cha?non between The country recently unified and England, that have the French for enemies. Arthur is meant to succeed to his daddy Henry VII in the hoheitsvoll functions. Yet , in 1502, only a year after his marriage to Catherine of Aragon, Arthur dies of an illness. Katherine stays in England as a widow, although she had to live in poverty for some time. However , in 1509, Holly VII deconfit his young son Henry to Katherine, which can be explained by his can to keep her dowry plus the alliance against France. 8 weeks later, Holly VII dead and his son Henry is usually appointed Ruler Henry VIII of Great britain. The marriage will not last as with 1527, Henry VIII can ask for a great annulation of the marriage. Katherine was identified to remain the royal engaged wife and so struggles just to save the marriage. The lady does it perfectly that Holly VIII must break by Rome and so become the absolute ruler in all areas in his kingdom. How was the girl successful in opposing her divorce to Henry VIII? My article will start simply by focusing on the reasons that led Henry to ask for a divorce before focusing on just how he would have it performed. Then, I will start looking by what Catherine did to save her position as legitimate royal better half analyzing her relationship with Spain plus the pressure brought on Rome. Let me also look at the long process of decision-making about the divorce that proved to be unsuccessful for a long time prior to marriage was declared being valid. Finally, I will give attention to Henry's ultimate decision to obtain the divorce.

First of all, Katherine's personal expertise and readiness enabled her to defend her marriage. She was entirely devoted to her husband and did not hesitate to show for the court that she will not agree with her...


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