Case Brief

1 . CASE: Caperton v. A. T. Massey Coal Co. Inc. 556 U. S i9000. 868 (2009) 2 . INFORMATION:

A Western world Virginia jury issued a verdict against respondents (" Massey”) in the amount of $50 million. After the verdict, knowing that the West Virginia's Supreme Courtroom of Appeals would consider the appeal, Blankenship, the chairman, CEO and chief executive of Massey contributed $3 million to help Benjamin manage for business office in that court in Western world Virginia's 2004 judicial election. Benjamin earned the political election in a close race.


After Benjamin took workplace, the Western world Virginia Substantial Court observed Massey's charm. Petitioners (" Caperton”) wanted that Benjamin recuse himself but he refused to withdraw. The court reversed the 50 dollars million verdict against Massey. Caperton sought rehearing, and again wanted Benjamin's recusal. Benjamin once again denied the 2nd recusal motion. The courtroom granted rehearing and the divided court again reversed the jury judgement in a 3-2 decision, ahead of which the recusal motion was sought by Caperton and denied simply by Benjamin for a third time. 4. ISSUE(S):

Whether the Credited Process Term of the14th Amendment was violated when one of the justices in the vast majority denied a recusal action, the basis for which was that he had received significant campaign contributions from, and through the efforts of, the corporation's primary officer. a few. HOLDING(S):

There is a serious and objective likelihood of actual prejudice when a person with a personal stake within a particular case has a significant and excessive influence in placing the assess on the case by bringing up funds or perhaps directing the judge's political election campaign when the case was pending or perhaps imminent, which risk produces a probability of bias that threatened because of process. 6. RATIONALE:

The Court determined additional instances, which require recusal in which the " possibility of actual bias” for the judge is too high to be constitutionally tolerable. In cases like this, (1) Although not a give incentives to or legal influence,...


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