Although many states got local regulations prohibiting weed use and possession, that wasn't till 1937 the federal government handed the 1937 Marihuana Duty Act. Curiously, the congressional hearings on marijuana prohibition lasted all two hours (in immediate contract to most congressional proceedings on new laws which usually last for the and days). There were precisely three systems of testimonies testifying by these proceedings. The initial was Office Harry Anslinger, the newly named commissioner of the National Bureau of Narcotics (who happened to be hired by his uncle-in-law, Claire Mellon, who was the Admin of the United States Treasury).

Office Anslinger testified on the government's behalf. Unsurprisingly he was functioning from a text which usually he had certainly not written himself but which usually had been created for him by a Fresh Orleans District Attorney. Reading straight from this text message Commissioner Anslinger told the Congressmen on the hearings, " Marihuana is usually an addictive drug which in turn produces in the users insanity, criminality, and death. " That was the Commissioner's superbly insightful govt testimony to back up the cannabis prohibition. FN9

The other body of testimony to testify as of this congressional reading were industrial spokesmen. The first of these kinds of spokesmen was, believe it or not, a guy representing the rope industry. This industry representative spoken that it was less expensive to importance from the China the hemp needed to help to make ropes and then the United States not needed anymore to grow any more hemp to make rope. (Interestingly, five years later, in 1942, the United States was cut off from the sources of hemp in the China and, since we required a lot of hemp to outfit our ships with rope pertaining to World War II, the Federal Government went into the business enterprise of developing hemp upon gigantic farms throughout the Midwest and the South. FN10)

The color and layer of varnish spokesmen didn't seem to treatment either which will way. The sole industrial someone who objected to the Marihuana Tax Work at all was the birdseed consultant who sung the praises of hemp seeds for the birds coats. Based upon this objection the birdseed industry acquired an exemption from the Marijuana Tax Change places with " denatured seeds. "

The third body of testimony were two reps of the medical field. The initially testimony originated in a pharmacologist who claimed that he previously injected the active ingredient in marihuana in to the brains of 300 dogs, two of which in turn died. The moment asked by Congressmen in the event he choose dogs intended for the similarity of their reactions to that of humans the answer of the pharmacologist was, " I would not know, I am not just a dog psychiatrist. " (Interestingly, the active ingredient in marijuana was first synthesized in a clinical in Netherlands after Ww ii therefore it is not known to this day what this pharmacologist injected in to the dogs. )FN11

The second testimony for the healthcare industry came from the main Counsel to the American Medical Association, Doctor William C. Woodward. Dr . Woodward was your hearing to testify on the request in the American Medical Association. His exact offer to the congressmen was, " The American Medical Association knows of no data that marijuana is a harmful drug. " to which one of many Congressmen explained, " Doctor, if you can't claim something great about what we are trying to do, why don't you go back home? " One other Congressman then simply said, " Doctor, in the event you haven't acquired something preferable to say than that, our company is sick of hearing you. " FN12 Remember, this accounts came from the primary Counsel from the esteemed American Medical Association!

It must be no surprise the fact that bill approved.

The work did not on its own criminalize carefully or usage of marijuana nevertheless instead accessed a taxes of approximately one dollar on anyone who dealt commercially in marijuana. The penalty procedures for violators of the correct procedures could cause a fine of up to $2000 and five years' imprisonment. The intended result (and certainly, the...


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