This kind of report is for JJ508 Architectural Lab three or more, and it is pertaining to vapour pressure power equipment. Vapour pressure power device is an apparatus depending on steam to generate electricity. There is a boiler to heat the water to produce steam and the vapor will be mail to the turbine-like section to convert into electricity. Simply by controlling the factors available, we are able to determine the quantity of the electrical energy being result by the equipment. By doing this statement, we learnt a lot more concerning this apparatus on how it function, the concept in back of and how to arrange it.


1 . Keep all body parts away from the central heating boiler and system piping when the system is in operation to avoid harm. 2 . Use personal protective equipment (heat resistant safety gloves and protecting glasses) once operating the program. 3. Always ensure that the boiler boat is filled with drinking water until half full ahead of operation to stop heater termes conseilles. 4. Make sure that the furnace valves will be kept shut down when the strategy is in operation. 5. Keep every body parts and objects away from the relief device blowdown range. The safety pain relief valve will certainly automatically relieve steam throughout the blowdown series in the event of boiler over-pressure. six. Keep most body parts and objects away from moving mechanical parts of the turbine and generator. SET UP PROCEDURES

1 . Place the system over a level surface and locking mechanism the castor wheels. installment payments on your Connect the water inlet interface at the top of the boiler into a clean water supply. 3. Hook up the drain port at the bottom of the boiler, relief valve blowdown collection and the relieve port to a drain. four. Open water inlet dock valve as well as the throttling valve. Fill the boiler ship with drinking water until the water level reaches many of these on the eyesight port. ALERT: Always make sure that the heater cartridge is completely submerged in water to prevent heater burn-out. 5. Close both of the valves.

6th. Connect the strength cable into a single stage, 240 VAC /...


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