The name agar agar originated from the Malay phrase " Agar-agar”, For the sake of convenience agar-agar was shortened to just agar and it is now recognized universally whether in the food and other industries. The use of agar agar became widespread in Dalam negri, Malaysia, China, and Korea, where persons called that Agar-Agar, which means seaweed. It is introduction to European countries dates coming from 1859, nearly two hundred years later. Agar has been utilized in food plans for over 300 years. Agar-agar is also used in the Thailand particularly in a few part of Zamboanga Del Norte such as in Jose Dalman, Manukan, Sindangan, Libay and other nearby areas where climate is definitely predictable. Korea have an edge over additional countries because it has larger coastal areas and marine water is far more suitable to agar (agar-agar). Philippine and sector forged a alliance agreement to produce the seaweed industry. The production of Agar agar is available year round- specifically during optimum months of October- 04 wherein it is relatively dry time and outside storm belt region. Lean supply months previous from May- September wherein typhoons usually occur. Agar- agar may be harvested inside 30-35 days from sowing. Agar will not melt conveniently. Its feel is also more firm. Agar has a somewhat sweet flavour and contains not any calories, which can be useful if you are looking for a low calorie food. Agar is a good way to obtain calcium and iron, and it is very high in fiber. It includes no glucose, no body fat and no sugars. It is reputed for its capacity to aid in digestion and fat loss. It bears toxic waste materials out of the physique. Other benefits associated with agar agar are its ability to lessen inflammation, quiet the hard working liver, and deliver relief for the lungs. Also, it is considered a mild laxative rather than recommended for those with weak digestion or perhaps loose bar stools. Agar-agar is recognized as as a major raw materials by which various manufacturing business used in creating various goods such as gelatin, rubber, plastic material products, cosmetics and so much more.

Considering the demand of agar-agar in some from the manufacturing company, this production plan is established.



Production planning is concerned with determining in advance precisely what is to developed when to made, where to produced and how to generate. It entails foreseeing every single step in the production so as to avoid most difficulties and inefficiency in the operation in the plant.  � In other words, creation planning consists of looking ahead, anticipating bottlenecks and figuring out the steps important to ensure smooth and continuous flow of production.

Agar Production Business (APC) a well-known company, producing a high-quality of dried out agar-agar created from fresh green seaweeds called as " Eucheuma”. The sources of euglene seedlings happen to be in Ipil, Surabay, and Lanao being that they are the most near by suppliers beneficial for minimum transportation costs, and in a position of delivering large quantities of refreshing agar-agar seedlings with regularity.

APC could have a stock located in Clavillo Blanca, Manukan, Zamboanga de Norte using a total property area of 2, 632sq. meters. and the Agar-agar are selected and planted in the close by sea normal water 15m away from the land web page having a total area of eighty, 000 sq m. which has a minimum depth of 12ft-20ft low wave and 14ft- 22ft during high wave following the common changes of sea level depth. The plantation may have 152, 604 agar-agar seedlings which are ½ meter separate to each other. All of us incurred a total cost of P285, 120. The business employs in least 10 to 15 contractual employees per acres in the growing site within an aggregate manner.

The company uses drying out machine which is essential tools for drying out Agar so as to have large creation volume and efficient procedure. The machine...


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