Dear journal,

In the times since I last wrote snowball and napoleon have been mailing pigeons to be able to the surrounding farms in town showing them regarding the rebellion and its excellent success. I cannot explain just how well things have been occurring at the plantation! The pigeons have actually told all of us that the music 'beasts of England' is being sung everywhere by most animals! Nevertheless I have a sense this unsettled the surrounding farmers because today the unspeakable happened. About our peaceful October day time Mr. Jones, all his men, and half a dozen different men most came to the farm today to try and reclaim animal plantation. I knew he'd never do well with our master plans in this exact scenario; non-e people pigs had been startled in the least. All of his men had been walking with big sticks but Mr. Jones carried a gun! In the beginning snowball got sent the geese and pigeons, then snowball Muriel and the lamb attack 'no one recalls but I was with snowball in the first skirmish'. Since the battle carried on we all ended by cowshed after all the men acquired given up. Although we all recognized after the deal with that faustkampfer had murdered a guy! However it turned out he actually was just laying down after fighter gave him a good kick during the fight.

After all the excitement with the fight all of us found Mollie hiding, apparently she ran off if the gun shot. I can't stand her your woman seems exacerbated to the rebellion and not committed to animalism the lady seems to be problems cause of her human ties.

Whenever all was said and done we all raised the flag and sung beasts of Great britain to celebrate the battle of cow shed. All nevertheless we earned the battle we misplaced a lamb when the firearm went off we have made a decision to award the dead sheep with " animal hero, second class”. And for snowball with her amazing braveness during the battle we all made a decision she well deserved " animal hero, initially class” I am hoping I'm while amazing since snowball one day. Today I actually learned if I ever wanna be because great because my ideal snowball I will have to knuckle down to be as brave and vivacious while her....


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