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January 17, 2013

British 11

The American Fantasy has changed hugely the past two hundred years. If it would be about race, faith,

sociable class, etc . According to Bharati Mukeriee, he says that: " It is a stage for transformation. " As years passed,

immigrants usually wanted to live the " American Dream" and live a great lifestyle.

In an excerpt from a job interview with Invoice Moyers, Mukeriee says: " What America offers myself is

romanticism and hope…I will choose to throw away that component to my record that I want, and invent a whole new

background for myself. " This shows that the moment Mukeriee came to America, that offered him romanticism and hope.

When myself moved to America, he planned to discard his past lifestyle & start a fresh lifestyle here. Moving to America from

another nation can change somebody's life, in fact it is a stage for change.

In the " American Dream" by Lalu Rather, Somewhat explains: " The American Dream [is] one of the greatest

ideas in the history of human achievement…It holds a genuine, identifiable put in place the American heard and mind, and

it explains to the aspiration of everyone from farmers to software developers…It define all of us as a people. " With that

declaring, it implies that the " American Dream" is one of the very best ideas inside the history of man achievement

because it identifies us as a people. It also holds creativity for everyone because of the success persons can include

here. Moving to America adds a brand new chapter in people's lives and can immensely turn somebody's life about.

In an excerpt from " The America I Love" by Elie Wiesel, the girl states that " The afternoon I received American

citizenship was a turning point in my life…a country in which every person can be entitled to dream of happiness,

peace and liberty; exactly where those who have are taught to offer back. " Unprotected by any federal government and getting

undesired by virtually any society because of religion, the Jew in Wiesel was overcome by pride and happiness. She gets...


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