Nike Heads for the Cloud to Control IT Spending

Adidas Latina America chosen to implement cloud-based procurement software program to improve inside compliance and consolidate spending management. The organization is a local subsidiary of theВ Adidas Group sporting goods disposition, which includes brands such as Nike, Reebok and Rockport.

Purchase at $1. 4 billion dollars Adidas Latina America was complex--involving distinct currencies and languages--and disjointed. Some countries had designed homegrown purchase solutions; other folks had paper-based processes.

" If we were a small business, that might include continued to work, " says Adidas Latin America's head from it Christian Reluquer. " Although we were developing fast, and that we weren't having the visibility all of us needed. "

Seeking to increase internal review compliance and streamline spending, Bader examined several spending-management solutions and decided onCoupaВ for its multinational support, total cost of possession, integration with the ERP system, and convenience of customization.

Simply by opting for a hosted program, Bader could fully apply Coupa in Panama--where you’re able to send Latin American operations happen to be based--in six weeks earlier this year. Bader started while using country that had the most advanced procurement techniques already in position and implemented an 80-20 attitude. " You will never cover all the circumstances you need to deal with in one program, " Reluquer says.

" We wanted to address the most common techniques and keep that simple. " Cash advances pertaining to travel, for example , will not be required for Coupa. " I'd rather leave it away than blow up the whole system to obtain it in, " Bader says. Next up is Chile, where there was no software program in place, hence the implementation will take longer, 1 department each time, starting with recruiting.

Later this coming year will come Argentina, Peru, Brazil and finally Mexico--simply because they were already profound into a large warehouse management system implementation. It can be managing the development of...


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