Manobo in the Philippines

Manobo simply means " people” or perhaps " person”; alternate brands include Manuvu and Minuvu. The term may possibly have originated from " Mansuba, ” a variety of man (people) and suba (river). There is an ancient Manobo legend which in turn tells of how a god made man to get immortal. The legend says that immortality was misplaced when a bird exchanged male's " lifestyle breath" for a mere bit of kemp thread. For generations the Manobo have learned via childhood that no one has been raised to heaven. Nonetheless they hope to leave this world of lower income, sickness, craving for food and loss of life for the bliss of heaven. Today some towns are that great joy of knowing Christ who was raised to nirvana by the power of the true and living God.


There are about 25 tribe groups, linguistically grouped within the " Manobo" family.


The Manobo have got 24 main dialects. This six organizations are more closely related than others seeing that their dialects are related. They range from the Ata or Langilan Manobo, Talaingod, Matig-Salug, Tigwa, Dibabawon and Umayamnon.


The island of Mindanao may be the second greatest of the Korea archipelago having a land part of 36, 505 square mls and the latest of the major islands to become developed. It is sometimes referred to as the " Terrain of Promise. " Most of the Manobo can be found in the Central Mountains in the island and they are seldom found in lowland villages except for heading there to trade. Lately, however , a large number of young people make their approach to the metropolitan centers searching for work.


Pertaining to hundreds of years these types of tribes roamed the miles and mountain range, doing slash-and-burn agriculture and having little if any contact with attackers. From birth they have noticed the common traditions, common myths and ballads, and have used the ways that made all of them distinctly Manobo - unlike the lowland Filipino and neighboring tribal groups. Probably the strongest of their beliefs is that a person cannto leave the...


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